Spell Work


Sunday Abundance

On Sunday, February 24th I’ll be performing a group abundance service. This ritual will focus on bringing in money, jobs, promotions, cash flow, raises, business success, and financial stability. Add your full name and desire in the box before hitting the Buy Now button. Your desire can be anything from a specific dollar amount you need, to bringing in new customers, to getting a particular promotion at work, or just something general like “more financial security.” You have until 5pm CST on Sunday to get involved!

You’ll receive a photo of the ritual and a summary of how everything went via email soon after the ritual is complete.


Full Name and Desire

Need some magick in your life? I can either put together detailed instructions and a shopping list (I try to only include cheap, readily available items) for you to perform a spell yourself, or I'll do a spell for you.

Starting Rates:

Spell Work: $100 minimum

Spell Instructions: $20 per half hour

Email me at  tarot@theteawitch.ca for a quote regarding your particular situation.

Ideas for spells include:

  • home or personal protection

  • money and prosperity

  • finding a job

  • finding love

  • healing

  • banishing (negativity, anxiety, bad habits, fears, etc.)

  • cleansing you or your home for a fresh start

  • fertility

  • and much more.

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