What should I ask during a reading?

Getting a tarot reading can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never had one before, but the biggest question is what to ask! Here are a few guidelines to follow.

  • Keep it specific but open-ended

    • What do I need to know about finding a new romantic partner?

    • How can I overcome my obstacles at work?

    • What positive things can I do to improve my earning potential?

    • Why do I keep having this dream/seeing this sign?

    • What does the future at my current job look like?

  • Don’t ask should questions

    • Tarot is for guidance. Only you can make decisions about what you should do.

  • Don’t ask yes or no questions

    • Sometimes I break this guideline, but in general, yes or no questions are unhelpful at best and upsetting at worst.

    • It’s much more helpful to ask what you can do to impact a situation you want a particular result from. Instead of “Will I find love?” ask “What can I do to bring love into my life?”

  • Don’t ask for whatever comes up

    • A tarot reading needs direction. Yes, big issues in your life may naturally arise during a reading, but to get the most out of it, focus is needed.

  • Don’t ask secret questions

    • It’s best to be as up front as possible with what you ask so that I can give you the answers you’re after. So don’t ask “What does my job future look like?” when you really want to know something like if things will improve in your current workplace, or if you’re likely to get a new job you applied for, or whether the timing is right to ask for a raise. Being specific gets you the most clarity and you’ll be much more satisfied with your reading.

If you’re in doubt about what to ask, or hesitant about getting a reading, feel free to reach out to me at tarot@theteawitch.ca

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