Online Tarot Readings


All online readings include an emailed PDF document including a photograph of your cards and a written explanation of your tarot reading which includes both the individual cards pulled, and a summary.

Readings will be completed within 1-3 days unless otherwise stated.

Please put the single question, situation, or area of life you would like looked at in your reading in the Topic box above the Buy Now button. If you need extra space for more details, use the Question or Topic section on PayPal.

If no topic is provided, you will receive a general personal reading.

New Year New You

  • $11.11

  • 4 Cards

  • This is the perfect reading to move into the new year with confidence! I’ll pull cards looking at what you need to leave behind in 2018, the first thing you should focus on in 2019, advice for the new year, and an overall theme, goal, or aspiration for 2019. This reading does not include a summary.

  • This reading is only available until the end of January, 2019.

The Check In

  • $10

  • 3 Cards

  • A quick look at where things are at for you.

Check In Topic

The Solution

  • $20

  • 5 Cards

  • Perfect for problem solving and breaking through blockages in any area of life.

Solution Topic

The In Depth

  • $30

  • 8 or more cards

  • Get deep with detailed and specific information and advice.

In Depth Topic

The Transformation


  • 8 or more card reading

  • Spell or ritual advice

  • Follow up 5 card reading

For when you really need some Magick on your side. A reading tailored just to you and your situation along with personalized advice for a spell or ritual to aid you on your way forward. With this option, I'll also draw up to five more cards either to clear up any lingering questions, or one month after your initial reading to check in on your progress. I will contact you after your purchase to discuss what you would like with this option

In Regina or want something more personal? Why not try an in person reading. Now available from anywhere on Skype!

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