Online Tarot Readings


All online readings include an emailed PDF document including a thoughtfully photographed image of your cards and a thorough written explanation of your tarot reading.

Allow up to 4 days for delivery.

Please put the single question or situation you would like looked at in the details box above the Buy Now button where applicable.

Tips are always welcome after you receive your reading.

Custom Tarot Reading

  • $5 per card (minimum 3 cards)

  • I will create a custom spread to meet your needs from 3-10 cards

  • Each additional card adds a layer of depth or detail and allows you to see your situation with as much clarity as desired

  • Please use the text box to provide details on what you would like your reading to look at. If you need more space, please email me after your purchase.


Interpretation Tarot Reading - $20

This reading is for interpreting a sign, symbol, or dream in your life and covers the following:

  • Did this hold meaning?

  • What issue was this about?

  • The lesson or message you need to hear

  • An action you need to take


Birthday Tarot Reading - $25

  • Your biggest lesson from this last year

  • An obstacle you’ll face before your next birthday

  • How to best overcome this obstacle

  • A gift you’ll get before your next birthday

  • How to best move forward this year

    Details are not required for this reading.

Looking for Love Tarot Reading - $25

  • Why you haven’t found your partner

  • How to overcome this obstacle

  • What the most positive thing you can do to find your partner is

  • Who the right person for you would be

  • When you might find them


Business Success Tarot Reading - $30

  • Your strongest asset

  • Your biggest obstacle

  • How to overcome this obstacle

  • Something you don’t know

  • Where to put your focus right now

  • Advice


Managing Change Tarot Reading - $30

  • The change you’re going through

  • What you can do to ease the transition

  • Someone who can help

  • What to let go of

  • Where you’ll be or what you’ll gain after this change

  • Advice


Two Paths Tarot Spread - $35

  • Something worth considering

  • 3 cards looking at your first path

  • 3 cards looking at your second path

    Please be sure to put your two distinct paths in the details.


Guidance Tarot Spread - $35

  • Your primary concern or issue

  • What you’re anxious about

  • Something you’re unaware of

  • Advice

  • The first step in moving forward

  • How to move forward with the most positivity

  • Possible results


The Year Ahead Tarot Spread - $60

One card for each of the 12 months in front of you plus one card of advice for the year. This spread makes a great birthday gift! No details are required for this spread.

In Regina or want something more personal? Why not try an in person reading. Now available from anywhere on Skype!

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